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Why I Don’t Follow the Crowd.

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

I think one (of many) things this condition has changed in me is I don’t follow the status quo in this world.

I think alot of my followers/clients can resonate with the fact that this condition can “wake you up” in life. Maybe I was abit numb before, perhaps I was going with the flow, not asking questions, not being open minded and I think that is such a shame!

I think I’m abit like marmite, people either like me or people think I’m abit weird and abit wacky in my ideas/thinking. (Hooray for being in a job where I constantly meet people on my wavelength!!) But that’s also fine. I actually don’t mind if people don’t like me, we can’t all be best friends.

It takes courage to stop and think… to decide what you feel is right, to block out all the background noise so you can focus on what’s best for you.

What do I mean? Well here are a few examples:

  1. Finances

  2. Health care

  3. Government

  4. Community

  5. Relationships

  6. “Meaning of life”

Do you ever just feel we do stuff because it’s what is ‘expected’ whether from society or our family/friends. I like to question things, research for myself, be open minded.

Health care – I think we are programmed by the government, media, society, beleifs to go to the doctors because thats what we do and if they have no answers either A) there clearly is no issue and we are making a fuss or B) there’s nothing they can do so lets live with it because doctors and nurses have the answers to everything? Hmmm not so sure because after all they are only human! I think we hold our medical community on far too high of a pedestal, they are wonderful don’t get me wrong, a very lovely lady at the surgery helped my baby with conjunctivitis recently. They are great but they don’t hold all the answers to all our health needs.

Be open minded to look into stress management, alternatives which can help with IBS, migraines etc, talking therapies, massage therapy, floating (look into it), magnesium baths, better sleep etc. there’s so many alternative out there aside from the mainstream medical community which can help. We need to be open minded to seek it out. One example is I use fluoride free toothpaste (sorry to all the dentists out there – mine hates me for this reason). I have done my own research and I have decided to go fluoride free, my own personal choice based on my own research.

My life turned upside down when my family and I did research into other areas of healthcare. Working with Dr Myhill on the root cause of my CFS, doing private functional testing, taking herbs for Lyme Disease, doing the Perrin technique (lymphatic drainage), doing years of CBT with a psychologist, changing diet, taking supplements etc.

Finances – society says buy the biggest house you can afford. Why? Why can’t we live in a house which is a good size for our family needs without having 3 rooms in the house we hardly ever use and we only use to “store things” – (things we use probably once a year). We mortgage ourselves up the eyeballs, which means we HAVE to work the job we dislike, with the people we dislike to pay for our big house. Society says you need the latest clothes and latest iPhone to be cool and fit in. Society says get a credit card because every one else is and it means we can have that TV this month rather than waiting.

Relationships – people pleasing, trying to “fit in”, doing what everyone else wants you to do

I tend not to people please my way through life because I did that and it was quite exhausting. I was pleasing people with people who lets be honest probably weren’t my crowd anyway. Relationships should light you up, give you life, a conversation with a good friend should feed your soul not leave you wound up. We all need to “find our tribe” of like minded people. It takes time don’t get me wrong but I’d rather have 2 amazing friends than 25 friends who put me down, don’t have anything in common with me and who chase drama. Friends are important, we are made for community with others. I think we have also missed “give and take” in life these days. Now a days it’s all about ME and what I want, relationships are give and take, forgiveness, love, patience, commitment. If people don’t treat you right then find people who do.

But why do we try to “fit in”, because I can’t see society have got it all that right anyway.

I love to think outside the box, to be a bit left field, to have a bit of a debate. My life has been greatly enriched by “going against the grain”. Be your own person, do what is right for you and your team members. I want to teach Noah he can be whatever he wants to be. He doesn’t need to be a footballer or a doctor or a lawyer just to be rich if it means he is miserable. He should do something which excites him, which he is passionate about – yes he needs to pay his bills but I think we can all live with less if I’m honest. Thats the kind of world I want him to grow up in.

Anyway thats the end of my ramble I hope it has provoked some thoughts within. Let’s be honest 12 years of chronic illness makes you reevaluate the world.

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