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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get me better?

Impossible question to answer. I will help you, support you and guide you but I can’t do the day-day work it needs every single day to recover. I don’t currently have a magic wand. Read my reviews if that’s more helpful.

What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional Therapy is a form of functional medicine. We aim to find the root cause of the problem rather that treat the symptom. The symptom is only a hint of what is going on internally.

How do I order tests with you?

We ship the testing kits to your home, you complete the samples and ship them to the labs following the instructions. We invoice you separately.

Do you work via Zoom?

Yes we can work with anyone in the UK via zoom.

Do you test for Lyme Disease?

We test via Armin labs, we also test for co-infections and virus'.

Can I see you via an NHS referal?

No sorry, we are a private company we are approached by individuals and we can’t take private health insurance.

What supplement brands do you use?

Your body is a temple so when beating a serious chronic illness you want to rest assured you’re getting the best quality. We use brands such as Amrita Nutritionals (Advanced Cellular, Pure, Pukka, NutraMedix, Beyond Balance, Seeking Health, Cowden Support Protocol).

What is the difference between a Nutritional Therapist and a Dietician?

A NT looks at the body from a holistic view point, we look at the whole person. We take into consideration every bodily system, your relationships, where you live, your sleep, your stress levels, your food intake. We are looking for the root cause of the problem. We mainly work privately. Dieticians work for the NHS and aim to support people in a different capacity.

How much does this cost?

See Work With Rebecca. There are often added costs for testing and nutritional supplements. Hello Healing often do private functional testing. We can offer Lyme testing, food intolerance panels, digestive stool analysis, adrenal function, thyroid profile, genetic testing, heavy metal testing, vitamin D etc. We also suggest great quality nutritional supplementation. We believe the big changes come from diet but sometimes the body needs a boost with supplements.

How long does it take to feel better?

Difficult question. There is no answer. I give a rough guide of 3 months to see some changes, but most chronic illness clients can be under my care for a significant amount of time 2+ years. It mainly depends on your level of commitment and how much you choose to stick to the recommendations and advice.

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