We give women their power back

Past female clients

Reclaimed their lives

Free from symptoms

Had healthy babies

Moved jobs 

Don't have to plan life around symptoms 

Feel confident in their bodies

Running 5-10K

Living in line with their purpose

Feel empowered in the knowledge they have

Don't dread their periods

Freedom to eat whatever they like 

This is for you if you want to put the work in to get the results and goals your striving for!

Rebecca aims to give you the control back. To understand whats going on with your internal systems, emotions, past triggers in order to heal the body. 

This is an opportunity to dive into your health to accomplish your goals. Whether you want to improve an existing health condition or if your mission is for optimal health, join me as I support you in your own journey. 


6 Month Healing Package £1499

Initial Consultation 1.5 hours - going through all bodily systems, timeline from birth to present day in order to find the root cause 

5x monthly follow up appointments

Bi-weekly check in calls

Welcome gifts

Access and advice to the additions items which will help on your journey - top holistic dentists, limbic system training, Perrin practitioners, breathwork practitioners

Tailored protocols targeted to help you achieve your goals

Comprehensive dietary advice, lifestyle changes (sleep, stress etc),

Access to top UK functional testing 

Nutritional supplement recommendations (discounts available)

Interpretation of any NHS/GP testing

Regular support and access to Rebecca via email ​


Health + Wellness Deep Dive £249

1.5 hour to assess where your currently at and where you'd like to improve and heal fully

Do you want to know what an optimal diet is FOR YOU?

Do you want to live free from period/gut issues?

Improved energy, sleep, skin, clarity etc. 

Focusing on:

Dietary changes

Stress Management

Healthy Habits for optimal wellness

Sleep routine

Your values/beliefs

Written plan to follow

Discounts on supplements 


Client Testimonials


Rebecca has been the highlight to my 2020! After years of trying to get to the bottom of hormonal and thyroid issues, i FINALLY have the answers i needed.

Rebecca is one of the most understanding, kind, fabulously clever and inspiring lady i’ve met. Together we really have changed how i live my life.

Over the last few months we’ve worked together on numerous issues and i feel happy, confident and well educated.

Since my first consultation, i’ve been spreading the pearls of wisdom Hello Healing have taught me! I feel awake to my mind, body and soul!

I can’t thank her enough. I look forward to each session we have!


Our Values


We truly believe that clients should be supported throughout their journey. Regaining health isn’t an easy road and support is important to make sure full health is obtained. It is a supportive and safe environment for honest conversations and dialogue.


We are an approachable business. We offer free 10 minute phone consultations if you have an interest in working together to see if we are a good fit and if we can help you, we are a friendly bunch really.


We believe education is key during the journey to wellness, once you have the knowledge behind why and how the body functions, it is easier to stick to a plan and adjust your lifestyle to a lifelong journey to optimal health.


This is a two way street, we have the upmost respect for our clients, their health and their story. It is a non-judgemental environment.


From day one of working with Rebecca she will explain the partnership you are undertaking. There must be trust on both sides, honesty and determination.


After a 12 year battle, Rebecca completely understands what it’s like to live with and suffer from Lyme/CFS/chronic illness. Alongside her expert training at CNM she has a high level understanding and empathy of how to support and heal her clients along with a deep knowledge of how this impacts your life and those around you everyday.


The Hello Healing Approach

This is for you if: You want help and you are ready to make changes to your health for a better life, if you are committed to this journey with Rebecca’s support, you are wanting to see results, you are motivated to embark on this new journey.

This isn’t for you if: You’re hoping for a quick fix, you think it will be easy or if you a person who quits half way through (don’t waste your money – sorry it’s true)