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Meet Rebecca

Rebecca is a fully qualified and accredited Nutritional Therapist. She studied Naturopathic Nutrition for 3 years at the College of Naturopathic Medicine and is accredited with BANT (British Association of Nutrition Therapy) and CNHC.
Rebecca launched The Recovery Diaries Podcast in summer 2022 - (Season 2 coming 2023).

She was a practitioner at the well known London Clinic of Nutrition as part of the complex patient team and is now on the education team, delivering training to practitioners on complex topics such as mold, lyme disease and CFS.


She has been a lecturer for the College of Naturopathic Medicine in Manchester and worked alongside many brands/podcasts and publications.


Her Story

Rebeccas passion for helping people with their own recovery comes from her own 12 year personal battle with chronic disease.
At 13 years old she was diagnosed with CFS/ME (chronic fatigue) and left in a wheelchair, unable to go to school from crushing fatigue, aching muscles, severe light sensitivity, noise sensitivity and brain fog, to name a few. Unfortunately the doctors couldn’t help and gave her a prognosis that there was nothing to be done.
After suffering ill health throughout her teenage years (down to 5-10% on the fatigue scale) she worked with Dr Myhill at the age of 18, who takes the same holistic approach, she began looking at the ROOT CAUSE of the chronic fatigue – mitochondria dysfunction, adrenal fatigue, candida infection, leaky gut etc. she changed her diet overnight, started to take nutritional supplements, changed her lifestyle and for the first time in 5 years was seeing results.


At the age of 21 she was then finally tested positive for Lyme Disease, Rebecca was bitten by a tick at the age of 8 years old. You can now see how her health deteriated from 8-13 years old.
Rebecca was tested through Armin labs and found benefits from taking the Cowden Support Protocol, a whole host of tailored nutritional supplements, changes in diet, lifestyle, personality traits, strict pacing, good sleep, learning to love herself and to have faith in herself.

Rebecca is happily married with a son and Fudge the Cockapoo (whom she also healed from Gastroenteritis). She's also very involved in her church and has a busy social life. Pretty good for someone who was told she was too severe of a case, and that she would have to accept and learn to live with her condition hey…
Recovery and living life to the full is possible.
Pair the correct interventions with supporting the body with the right nutrition and the right environment, recovery is possible.
Outside of work she loves nothing more than quiet time at home or the Lake District. Weekends tend to be walks with the family, with a pit stop at a good coffee shop. The kitchen is the centre of the home, with homemade food for everyone to share. Yoga, cleaning and reading are her therapy in life.

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