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What Doctors Don’t Tell You

So, unless you live under a rock you can’t move on my social media for me shamelessly promoting ‘What Doctors Don’t Tell You Magazine’. Now I don’t do this every month, only the months I am ON THE COVER (still cannot believe it).

They wanted a story of someone who has recovered without medications and that was me *woohoo*.

I did an interview over the phone and they then sent the wonderful Tony all the way from London to do a photo shoot (for 5 hours) – which ironically made me ill for a couple of days. I’m definitely not striving to be a model it is hard work! It was an amazing experience and I am so grateful to WDDTY and the lovely Jo for writing the piece.

My journey has been all down to nutrition and feeding my body what it needs. (If you want to know exactly what I did scroll back through the blog it is all documented).

Yes recovery is an investment, it is difficult, it doesn’t fit in with what society says. People, even now say “Ewww what are you drinking?” erm its a smoothie… and yes I am gluten free and no I don’t eat McDonalds.

I spend my money on organic veg, filtered water and supplements. I haven’t stopped, still now I am striving to be better and better. (Only this week did I do a mould test to scan my house for toxic mould and it came back positive, now just the problem of figuring out where it is coming from!)

I never take this for granted, I know I am so blessed, I am so lucky. I never take this journey for granted.

“It’s a lot harder than just taking a pill: it takes a lot of time and effort” she says. “But the pay off is so so good”

Anyway go and buy it folks. Available in all good magazine stockists.

Rebecca xoxo

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