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The Power of Positive Thinking

Hooray for cute notebooks. When I saw a psychologist a few years ago when I was battling severe depression and anxiety, one of the biggest things she told me to do and I have done every since is 3x positive things everyday.

I used to write them on flash cards but my box got so big I recently switched to these cute books!

So before I go to sleep, with my camomile tea I look back on the day and write down 3x positive things which have happened, it may even be “The sun came out” or “I enjoyed my lunch” it doesn’t have to be life altering. But having that positivity helps me so much every day to stay upbeat in hard times.

I also like to note down any goals. At the moment my 3 goals for my health are:

1) Eat 3 meals a day – full of great nutritious food, good fats, protein and colour

2) Make sure I rest everyday

3) Ensure I am in bed with the lights off by 10pm to make sure I get good quality sleep

The blue one is from ASOS and the pink one is Caroline Gardner from John Lewis is a pack of 3 (wow I like 3’s). Here are some of my favs:

I hope this is helpful, try it for a week and see how you feel. Let me know.


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