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Swap Shop – 10 Easy Things to Change Today

Hello friends – so today I thought I would share 10 easy things you can swap today to make better nutritional decisions, in order to be more awesome!

1. Sunflower oils —–> Coconut oil

Never cook with oils which are liquid at room temperature, they go rancid at high temperatures and become a carcinogen. Please always cook with coconut oil, butter or goose fat.

Just throw away sunflower oil and cheap oils, use olive oils over salads liberally, we all need good fats for energy production and who doesn’t need more of that right?

2. Table salt ——> Pink Himalayan Salt

What is table salt? Seriously? It’s bleached, it’s full of chemicals, who needs that? Whereas Him. salt has minerals in it such as magnesium, potassium and calcium to name a few. You can get pink him. salt from some supermarkets (Waitrose) and health food shops.

3. Margarine —–> Kerrygold Butter

Seriously, just throw it away. I heard during a study not even rats would go near margarine, if a rat won’t even touch it why are we? The margarine trend came in years ago when we all got scared about cholesterol but it turns out it was sugar that was raising our cholesterol not eggs or fat. Lets turn back the clocks people, fat is back and it is our friend. Kerry gold is my fav butter because it is from grass fed cows, meaning we get all the amino acids from the cows. Yes please.

4. Salad dressings —–> Olive oil

Read the ingredients on your salad dressings… do you know every ingredient? No. Throw it. Swap it for natural extra virgin olive oil. Healthy fats woohoo. No nasties from salad dressings which have been overly processed.

5. Cordial —–> Water

What are we feeding our children? Cordials which claim to be ‘sugar free’ check the label, can you see all the sweeteners? They are arguably worse than sugar! Swap for water (aim for 2+ litres) or flavour your water bottles with fresh fruit or mint, cucumber and lemon slices. Natural cordial, I like the sound of that.

6. Tea —–> Herbal tea

OK so this isn’t a shock right. Tea has some health benefits, maybe if you sat in the jungle with proper tea leaves, our tea in the UK isn’t like this anymore, it’s comforting on a cold wet day yes but limited health benefits. Swap your mug of tea for a cup of herbal tea or green tea. My favourites are PUKKA teas (great to carry in your handbag in handy individual sachets), TeaPigs – lovely but with a price tag and Clipper for more everyday use. Play around with flavours, they have lots of benefits, some are calming, green tea contains l-theainine which can be calming, some are great for adrenal health, we could go on and on all day. I think you will soon find you are a tea addict no more.

7. Instant coffee —–> Organic filtered coffee

OK so you drink 5 coffees a day minimum? Work is stressful and you MUST have it first thing in a morning. OK fine, there are some health benefits to coffee but the good stuff. Buy the organic, fresh ground, filtered coffee, buy a coffee machine, savour the coffee experience and make it a good one, you may find you don’t NEED as many coffees through the day. Instant coffee has been found to include higher amounts of mould spores (no thanks) so stick to the good stuff. Quality over quantity when it comes to coffee, it is worth every penny.

8. Eggs —–> ORGANIC EGGS

Seriously. Buy a box of organic eggs and you will never go back. The yolks are bright yellow. You will thank me. You are welcome.

9. Water —–> Filtered

If your budget allows install a water filter into your home, they are amazing and so worth the money. We have good water in the UK but our water is still full of nasties which we need to detox. Install a in home filter system (I just change the filter every 6 months) and make your life easy. If not, opt for a Brita or bottled water if you are on the move.

10. Supplements —–> Quality supplements

Be picky. Be very picky on which supplement companies you buy from. Some use cheaper, synthetic versions of nutrients which we can’t absorb or utilise so all we have is an empty purse and very expensive urine. I always go for Biocare, Nutri, Lamberts, PUKKA, Nutramedix, Sunwarrior protein. Be careful out there folks, if you want to take supplements, speak to a trained professional for advice.

Enjoy your new health staples, you can let me know how you get on over on my social media, tag me in your posts and take pictures @hellohealing

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