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Shop Local – Heskin Hall

Heskin Hall Farmers Market 

Are you sick of supermarkets? Sick of being sneakily dragged into their clever marketing? (guilty).

I have always shopped at the supermarket but since starting my own business I have this new passion to support local businesses. I would so much rather pay towards a child’s football lessons than add to a  huge company’s profits.

After a recommendation from a few clients and fellow workers I went over and visited Heakin Hall over in Eccleston, and my goodness it was brilliant!!

I went and visited the grocer, Edward. He sources all local produce and such a great selection (and no nasty plastic packaging in sight). Local veg means it has retained more nutrients. When we buy from the supermarket, all too often it has been flown around the world and kept in containers and once they have left the tree or soil, vegetables and fruits loose their nutrient status. So the faster from ground-mouth the more goodness we receive (hooray). He also does beautiful chicken and duck eggs.

Afterwards, I moved on into the butchers. All grass fed meats (so we get those lovely amino acids from the grass), nitrate free bacon and great prices, you can tell the quality in the colour of the meats there.

I spend £47 in total for over a week food (I threw some in the freezer). And I didn’t come out with any pointless stuff I didn’t need which I am so guilty of in the supermarket.

They even have a wonderful top quality fishmonger on a Friday called Andy, it was the most beautiful salmon I’ve had in so long! It’s all fresh that morning and again the colours show the quality. There is no competition between his fish and the local supermarket ones.

Fresh and local is 100% better for our health, so go along and check it out soon. Save money, buy quality and support local people! What’s not to love I am a convert!


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