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Retreat Day – October

Hello lovelies

Well that was awesome, our first retreat done and it was amazing! Myself and Trisha have been so overwhelmed with the lovely  comments and emails and love we have received since. Thank you all who came along and enjoyed.

I like to think of it as a healthy service station, taking a day out to focus on you, readjust your direction in life, get some clarity and continue refreshed. They went away with meal plans, recipes, knowledge and focus. It was beautiful to wear no shoes all day, it was such a great atmosphere all day of love and calming down from the day to day stresses.

We started the morning with a really gentle yoga practice for all levels and some meditation to calm us all down. A big thanks to Emily Walker @emilylove_11 on Instagram who was great, we loved it.

(I can absolutely get used to going to work so dressed down!) – with my lovely Retreat partner Trisha Barker.

During the coaching workshop we looked at our goals and wants in life. Nothing worth having will fall into your lap so how do we MAKE it happen?…

Avocado. Every. Single Day.

We all enjoyed a beautiful lunch – all whole foods. Naturally gluten and dairy free. Just real food people! And it was gorgeous, we even got a picture through the day after of one amazing lady who went home and recreated it.

Nutrition workshop – I walked them through the main things to focus on. We are so spoilt with knowledge around nutrition at the moment but who do we listen to and what should we start with?

A HUGE thank you to the lovely companies and brands who contributed to our goodie bag. We only chose companies we wanted to get into our clients hands!

– Deliciouslly Ella

– The Happy Newspaper by Emily Coxhead

-Emily Fruit Crisps


-Really Healthy Pasta

-Pip and Nut

We are now taking bookings for our second retreat on Saturday 10th December. This is the same retreat, we added another date because the first got booked up so fast, so book now folks. It will sell out.

At the Sanctuary of Healing, Llangho, Blackburn


(including yoga, meditation, healthy lunch and snacks and drinks all day)

*see the events page*

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