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Results Are In

So if you follow me on social media I have been slightly absent in recent months and abit sporadic and not really around much and there has been a reason.

I started to feel a dip in my health in about November but carried on and put it down to stress but it has only gotten worse so I decided to put my NT hat on do some testing (yes I also do the lovely stool testing I ask my clients to do).

I pretty much knew what it was going to say but the results are in, I have a candida infection in my gut which I am pretty gutted about.

What is Candida?

Candida is a fungal infection which can grow in our gut and cause symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, poor concentration, acne, bloating etc.

It can be caused by a low immune system, sugar, alcohol, mould in the environment and high use of antibiotics.

I was gutted because I have known my Lyme Disease symptoms have been creeping in since November and obviously it has pulled my immune system down so much it has allowed this infection to grow.

Whats the answer?

So the answer is a strict anti-candida diet so no chocolate or prosecco (even as a cheat) and to be really strict with myself. Ensuring my home is free from any type of damp so I have invested in a de-humidifying which I am loving (it is amazing how much moisture is in the air which can then grow as dampness in the home).

Focusing on fueling myself with the absolute best I can.

No sugar at all even in the form of fruit and dates (goodbye protein balls).

I have begun some strong anti fungal supplements.

CoYo is my new best friend again (coconut is amazing as an anti fungal) and tons of coconut oil.

I’m also working behind the scenes on optimising my immune system, it will always be an issue but there are things to improve it.

Lots of self care and minimising stress and I’m back on making myself the priority.

I see the good and the bad, I have Lyme disease. Thats bad. But I am educated to know what to do about it, which is a huge huge blessing which I am so thankful for so I know what steps to take before it has time to take it hold over me.

My main priority is to be a healthy bride, I have been very low in energy over the last few months and looking very pale, which lets be honest who wants to see a NT who doesn’t look well. But I think it is also about being honest. I’m not perfect. I have a condition which is life long which I am bound to struggle with but I never ever take for granted where I came from or the journey I am on.

I will continue to keep you all in the loop and monitor my progress.


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