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Ste’s Story – “If you want something enough you do everything in your power to get

1. What is your name and give us one “fun fact” about you which not a lot of people know…

Ste – fun fact I pretty much listen to music 24.7, I’m even listening to music as I fill this in.

  2. How long have you struggled with chronic illness and what have you been “formally diagnosed” with? 

I was diagnosed with CFS at the age of 18…I have been diagnosed with H-pylori and ulcers, I have a positive IGENEX test for Lyme, also dealing with bartonella and fungus. I have mold toxicity as well. My inflammation markers were always above range as well. Low adrenals and low thyroid along with high RT3.

3. What has life been like with chronic illness, can you describe life to us at your worst point…

Basically the whole of my 20s were a write off with a mixture of illness/drs and being housebound with little to no energy. I couldnt hold my job down, went to part time and then eventually was too unwell to work at all. My worst point was on when it got so bad I was on day 5 of no sleep, I was also struggling to stomach food, no energy, could hardly move, I weighed 7 stone and was skin and bones I ended up going to A&E 4 times in 1 month.

4. Why did you decide to seek our “alternative health advice” away from mainstream medicine?

Mainstream medicine has no idea how to treat the person and the whole body, they just like to do tests offer pills and then “see ya later”. My health was in such a bad way I needed someone to look at the whole body approach as it’s all connected. Alot of the time I would go to mainstream medicine doctors and I would know more about what was happening in my own body than they would, and I would leave the appointments upset and frustrated. Mainstream medicine is not up to date on the science, they are behind in times. They are also too heavily linked to Pharmacutical companies, and Pharmacutical companies aim is not to get patients better as then they dont sell more medicines, their aim is to have constant customers.

5. Have you done any testing and what did they reveal?

Tested positive for H-pylori, ulcers in the small bowel, fungal strain, mold toxins, low thyroid and high RT3. Low adrenals/low DHEA. High CRP and high Ferritin. Compound Hetero for MTHFR through DNA testing. High levels of mercury at the start of my illness as well.

6. How have you found changing your diet and lifestyle? What’s been the best and hardest parts?

At first when I was 18 changing my diet and lifestyle was the hardest thing I had ever had to do, as I was drinking heavily and eating like crap. It took me a good few years to come to terms with this, now it’s one of the easiest things to do as it makes me feel so much better it’s a no brainer as I’d rather eat clean and healthy to feel better.

7. What top 3 things has this whole journey taught you, whether through illness or recovery?

  1. It’s taught me to be grateful for what I have and what I am still able to do instead of focusing on the things I’m not able to do.

  2. It’s taught me there is alot more to life than partying.

  3. It’s also taught me to look after my health and body.

8. What would you say to those who have a lot of anger surrounding their health or healthcare?

Let it go. You have to focus on moving forward and it’s wasted energy having that anger. For many years I was super mad at my doctors for letting me down but now I’m focusing on my life going forward.

9. What % were you when you started to take health into your own hands with Rebecca’s help and what % would you say you are now?

When I first started to take my health into my own hands I was probably at around 30% – I managed to maybe get myself to about 50% about 2-3 years later. But then I started hitting road blocks and started going backwards again and I probably ended up around 0-10% when I was at my lowest. I’m now around 85%.

10. Has recovery been quick and simple?

No. I knew I would always make improvements but I kind of envisioned one day just finally waking up and being like I’m finally better and having unlimited energy haha, naive I know. But instead it’s been a rollercoaster lots of ups and downs, but once I found Rebecca it was mainly constant steady progress forward.

11. You have a really great attitude towards healing, how do you stay motivated when it’s really tough?

Ask yourself how much do you want to be well again? Do you want to live like this and keep going through all this on a daily basis? If you want something enough, do everything in your power to get there. Another way I stayed motivated was to learn about what’s going on in my body. It’s a fine line between obessing over your health and gaining knowledge, but having the knowledge helps massively.

12. Any words on life after illness?

Technically I am still living life with illness but I am actually able to live a life now instead of just trying to survive. I work 24 hours a week and play badminton 6-10 hours a week and play for a team in a league. I’m happy, I smile, I appreciate all the small things, I’m happy to be alive and I focus on what I’m able to do and not what I cant. I do what’s right for me and not what people think is right for me. I try and be nice to people as you never know what they are dealing with.

Instagram: @stehendie 

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