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Please Understand

In light of it being M.E/CFS awareness week this week, when is a better time to ask society to understand…

Please understand if you see me looking ok, I’ve likely covered my greyish/pale skin & lifeless eyes in make up & that may be the first time I have ventured out all week. This doesn’t mean I am now fine, this means I am using every ounce of energy to be out the house for a limited time.

Please understand if I am in a wheelchair it is no reason to stare or feel sorry for me. It is my saving grace to help me go out & be envolved in the outside world.

Please don’t say “Have you seen the doctor?” I am not stupid I am obviously doing everything I can to help my body.

Please understand if you see me on social media enjoying life, know I do enjoy life & just because I’m sick doesn’t mean I don’t deserve that. You may see a snapshot of my life, you don’t see me 2 hours later when I am back in bed & my body is in payback for enjoying that short time joining normal society. I rarely post ill pictures of me on social media because nobody wants to see that.

Please don’t say I am crazy because I choose alternative medicine to heal myself, this works for me & this is what I believe in since the science now shows it.

Please understand if I say I can’t see you it isn’t because I don’t want to its because I am very very unwell but I hope to be well soon & I hope you will still be there for me.

Please don’t try to disagree with my life & judge my decisions, unless you have lived with a chronic illness.

Please don’t say I am faking it or over exaggerating my illness.

Please understand I understand this is a horrid illness to wrap your mind around. I long for the day we live in a loving society where people aren’t judged for being sick or having a condition. Thankfully I have my own little society full of kind, helpful, loving friends and family & for them I am eternally grateful to Jesus for placing them all in my life to support me & stand next to me on this journey.

Thank you


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