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Opening my doors…

I am very pleased to announce I am officially a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist!

This means I can officially open my doors on 17th August and take on clients, please form an orderly queue…

Many people ask what is Nutritional Therapy and why should they come to see one, I personally think everyone should have a NT.

Some of my clients have health conditions which standard medicine may not be able to help much with, in these instances people seek out alternative therapies, such as nutrition with a large success rate.

Sufferers of asthma, acne, headaches/migraines, reflux, joint pain, insomnia, bloating, heartburn, IBS, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, diabetes, recurrent infections, food intolerances, PMS, fertility problems and much much more.

In particular, my area is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/M.E. These are the clients which I will be specialising in since I have suffered with this for 12 years myself and recovered from it, to the point where I am now helping others to recover themselves. This is my passion in life because I truly believe it can be done.

Other clients simply visit a NT to lose weight. There is so much fluff in the media about quick diets and pills, which work and don’t work, perhaps you have tried dieting but you have no support? Maybe your a yo-yoer and can’t keep a stable weight which you are comfortable with? I can draw you up a tailored diet plan and support you the whole way, we will create a plan which is tailored to you to fit around your home life, children and work schedule.

Finally,  some people feel perfectly OK, but they want to be better. Don’t we all! They want optimum health! They want to be the best they can be, which is also what I personally strive for. There are always areas of our health and diet we can work on to gain huge benefits.

I want people to jump out of bed in the morning, not feel tired and fatigued all the time, I want them to forever love life. This isn’t a dream, this is how people an and should live!

If any of the above is you then I offer free 10 minutes phone calls, why not call me and we can talk it over? Ask any questions you may have and see if its right for you and I can fit you in.

A standard initial consultation lasts for one hour, I will ask you to fill out some information before we meet, as well as a food diary. Following on, in approximately 6 weeks time we will meet for a follow up consultation which will be about 30-40 minutes. However, in between I check in with my clients regularly to see how you’re getting on and if there may be any questions, we work as a team.

I am working in the Lancashire area of the North-west of England, however I will also be doing Skype consultations so don’t worry if you aren’t local its not a problem at all.

And as bonus for all you lovely people, I am doing a 20% discount on your initial consultations 

Call me: 07715 621066

Email me:

Follow me on social media for tips and tricks: Instagram, Facebook & Twitter – hellohealing

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