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Detox – Week 1

Wow I am so proud of all my wonderful detoxers!

We began last Monday evening at meeting number one and we walked though what a detox is and what is involved. I put together a food plan for the up coming week, with recipes and a shopping list. They went away with a full pack of goodies and their tub of supplement to support detoxification.

Fast forward a week and we have all done fabulous! No cheating, we have all stayed on track. I think we are all so motivated because:

A) it is within a group and we all support each other

B) we all have a set meal plan so its not a case of “ARGH what do I eat?”

Week one is the hardest because you get those horrible detox symptoms of fatigue, headaches, aching but we all powered through those tricky couple of days and are stronger on the other side. It only proves it is working, because the toxins are freely starting to move around the body to be excreted. Plus there are obvious withdrawal symptoms from caffeine and sugar.

Already the group are noticing weight loss, better concentration, more energy, better digestion, clearer skin and less (if none at all) cravings. All only after one week.

Roll on the next two weeks!

*Keep your eyes peeled for the January Detox (dates to be released soon)*

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