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Detox Party

OK so maybe it wasn’t a party but I made all my lovely detoxers celebratory beetroot brownies (gluten free/dairy free) and we had a lovely end of detox meeting to go over all we have accomplished and looked to the future.

We all completed our 3 weeks of detoxing with fabulous benefits.

Week 1 I asked everyone to rate their sleep, energy, symptoms and many more. We went back and rated them again and some went from:

Mood 5/10 > 9/10

Energy 3/10 > 8/10

Sugar cravings as bad as a 3/10 > 10/10

Sleep 3/10 > 8/10

Most lost an average of 4lb in 3 weeks…

Plus, every single one said this is their way of life now, they have the food plans, the knowledge and motivation to continue this way of eating. Through the detox I have taught them what is good to eat, what is not to great. But more importantly why! They are now armed with the knowledge as to “Why should we limit these processed foods” “Is fat a bad thing?” I am over the moon. So they will continue to reap more and more benefits the more they continue.

And why were we so successful, the meal plans. There is no wondering “What can i eat?” Its all laid out for you. And secondly the group, the support both at the meetings, via me and via the private Facebook group (pictures uploaded by the group).

I am so proud of you all. Keep it up.

The next detox is planned for January – check website for details. It is already booking up before being advertised so be quick, I’m only taking my 12 dirty dozen.

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