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Coconut Oil AKA Love of My Life

You know when you ask someone if they use coconut oil and they say no, and your thinking “how do you cope with your life!”… No? oh just me then? But seriously, how do they!!

Coconut oil is one of the safest oils to cook with because it is stable at room temperature, those oils which are liquid such as olive oil can go rancid when used to cook with at high temperatures. This will cause  free radicals which leads to oxidative damage within the body (hence our need for antioxidants to mop up the damage). Whereas, coconut oil not only tastes beautiful but is the best option health wise! Winner.

But I adore it for beauty bits! I literally use it all the time:

Make up remover – every day

Cooking oil – obviously

In cakes – beautiful

To help dry skin – duuh

Deodorant – weird but works!

Hair mask – absolutely

Lip balm – swoon

Healthy fat source – check

In herbal tea – odd again but dose up on your good fats

But the beauty part… it’s free nasty chemicals, it works like a dream, smells to die for and keeps my skin silky smooth. Winner round two.

What can I say? Go and buy some! My favourites are the huge pot from Viridian (find at your local health food shop) but equally I love the Groovy Food Company one at the moment (at your local supermarket). Both last ages!

I hope you fall in love with coconut oil like I have, it never fails to let me down. True love.

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