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Clever Marketing?

Any business man or woman will tell you marketing your business is of the upmost importance (see piles of books about it next to my bed).

However, when you are the company then you are the brand. How can I build myself into a brand with clever marketing tools when I am far from perfect?

This has been troubling me for some time…

Sure one day when Hello Healing is global and on every billboard in town, you could have my cheesy face with a false promise that I am perfect and nutrition is the best idea in the world and can solve all your problems.

My company has been build on the fact I have Lyme Disease and I have Chronic Fatigue and a whole other host of health problems. But… I overcame them yes with nutrition, it is immensely powerful and it works! Along with patience, hard work and perseverance. It works on the idea that we work together to find the root cause of the CFS, whether it’s adrenal fatigue, bacterial overgrowth in the gut, mitochondria fatigue – these can all be contributing to your symptoms.

However, am I 100% cured? Am I 100% healed from this illness with nutrition?

This is a very tricky one for me, here I have a business to build based on my own personal experiences, however I cannot tell people I am cured. I’m not.

Do I hide it? Do I show the healthy pictures on social media and never address the days when I struggle, yes like everyone else in the world.

If you see me in Five Guys with a burger, I eat an occasional burger (with lettuce bun).

If you see me at christmas eating the occasional chocolate orange, I eat chocolate oranges.

If you see me pushing myself too far, I push myself too far.

I am building a brand, I am not perfect.

Nutrition works but when I push myself and don’t eat right, I have down days.

What would I prefer? Being very poorly, bed bound thinking “Well I will never be cured so why bother?” or work hard on my health, my condition, eat right, go to bed at a good hour, be proactive in my recovery and live a normal life with a couple of off days per month?

I am a brand, but not a glossy shampoo ad which sells you the promise. I am selling a reality.

If you want to be proactive in your recovery then remember I do Skype consultations to people all over the UK.

Added bonus – you will receive 10% off your initial consultation in January.

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