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5 Summertime Top Tips

Hooray for summer sun and holidays to far away beaches. It’s a time for adventures, sun kissed skin and truly beautiful foods. After 10 relaxing days in France here are my thoughts on skin care and being safe in the sun. Enjoy your summer friends.

It goes without saying we strongly suggest you should all be using sun tan lotion on your jollies (I love Piz Buin) but what is the answer when we fall asleep in the sun or we find oops yes maybe we are looking abit red…

Here are my 5 top tips:

1. Coconut oil is a fabulous after sun lotion (no i don’t have shares in a coconut farm) it is amazing!! Melt some in your hands and put it on your burnt bits it is so soothing! Defiantly a staple for your suitcase to add to herbal teas, moisturise, remove make up with and for after a day of sun bathing.

2. Aloe vera moisturiser is by far the creme de la creme when it comes to after sun lotion. The next morning you are feeling so much better, it is a much have for me. I am loving Jason 70% Aloe Vera Hand and Body Lotion at the moment.

3. To combat any extra time in the sun I always take some Organic Burst Acai Berry capsules (8x) to combat the free radical damage the sun does to our bodies. Acai berry is an antioxidant so it will neutralise those free radical and oxidative damage.

4. Combine the Acai berry with a diet full of colourful veg in the summer (again to counteract the FR) a salad of peppers, cucumber, radish, tomatoes and homemade hummus.

5. Have you ever noticed how much better you sleep after a day at the beach? Some may say its the ‘sea air’ I argue it is being in touch with the Earth! We were designed to walk on the ground, the sand and swim in the sea. Not walk around in shoes all day and never touch this Earth. Aim for 10 mins everyday of barefoot contact with the ground. Or better still swim in the sea everyday (not advised in the UK all year around).

To sum up: swim in the sea, run on the sand, eat a salad and slather yourself in coconut oil at night

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