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Weddings, Spring + Self Employment

It’s spring yay. I love it, I absolute love the lighter nights (as does Fudge, we love our 6pm strolls) and I just love how happier I feel people are. Soon the clocks will be going forwards, then its Easter, then it’s summer which I love and then whats happening? Oh yes… I’m getting married.

I’ve not blogged about this or featured it on my social media all that much to be honest but it’s such a huge part of my life right now I thought I would do a nice little update for you all.

The wedding date is 2nd September (less than 6 months) and wow time is just going so quickly. I have always been worried for when it came to planning a wedding, I would always say to my mum “Well how will I do that, the stress will obviously make me ill” and here we are in the throws of wedding planning. OK so I did have a dip when we first got engaged I was so overwhelmed and we were venue shopping and budgeting and we had an engagement party plus it was a super busy time at work and I just got my new job with CNM and arghh it all came at once, which is always the way right. But we made a decision to plan the simplest wedding ever. Which, well… has kind of happened, apart from my one bridesmaid turning into four. Oops. But seriously, we have kept it simple. I’m trying to keep the stress to an absolute minimum because for Joe and I it isn’t about the wedding, or our ‘one perfect day’ it is about our lives together, the marriage itself

We are also Christians, so it’s not just the wedding to look forward to, we are also looking for a home to move into after the wedding and furniture and registering for gifts (I cannot wait to go around John Lewis with the beeper thing – hello best day ever) and then moving in together, oh and did I mention my fiancé is finishing his degree. Yeah, we don’t do things by halves.

The dress is chosen (absolutely in love) the bridesmaids have chosen their dresses, the venue is sorted, church is booked, photographer and videographer booked, honeymoon sorted, it’s all going well. Next up, invites, flowers and bridal shower (nobody was keen on my yoga, healthy eating, food demo idea – I clearly need new friends).

I have days of feeling completely overwhelmed – I am abit of a worrier and I try to avoid stress at all costs because I know what it does to me, but most days I’m OK. This is a huge thing for me, I’ve never done anything as big as this and my health can’t always be relied on… but thankfully I know what to do to stay on track and I have amazing people to keep me grounded.

The biggest question… Fudge the flower girl?

I just can’t believe it really. Often I will ask him are you sure about this. I’m not offering him any guarantees. I could relapse anytime (there shouldn’t be a reason why I would but you never know with Lyme Disease). Surely he wants to marry a girl who doesn’t make him eat kale everyday (for detox benefits – which he doesn’t appreciate my fun facts) and who’s idea of fun is sitting in watching Netflix food documentaries with a herbal tea and my Cockapoo?

I really never ever thought I’d ever be planning a wedding. Ever. I never thought I would find someone who would want me for life. I feel very very blessed.

I’m feeling super grateful at the moment aswell to be self employed, I am loving work. I have such lovely clients, I enjoy my days off at the moment and being able to go on holiday when I want. No day is ever the same, today I went to the city to meet with a prospective student for CNM, did lots of client protocols in a coffee shop, enjoyed the sunshine in the garden and took Fudge for a walk.

At the moment in the background I am going through a rebranding and a new website with loads of great useful content for you all, I am binge listening to the Minimalist podcasts, spring cleaning all my stuff to move out, trying to find new funky retreat venues as well as finding a breakfast club venue, whilst also debating youtube? Cringe? And looking forward to the Paris ILADS conference. It’s all go over here. I need a team. Seriously, who wants to work for me…

Thats it for now folks, lots happening. Counting my blessings everyday.

Keep doing what you doing to be the best version of you everyday.

Go grab a glass of water

Make double your evening meal for lunch tomorrow

Eat an avocado… seriously. Well why not?

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