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The new baby trend saving the planet…

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Is there really a new fashion in the baby world which can help save the planet?

Alot of “eco stuff” is abit trendy now but who would have thought cloth nappies would get a look in on the fashion stakes.

When I fell pregnant I did look into cloth nappies but I thought theres so much to think about I didn’t have the headspace to consider that on top of figuring out feeding, bathing, clothing and just generally keeping my baby alive.

But when he was 6 months old I started to research again, a good baby friend of mine has always used cloth with her little girl (plus they were apart of the Aldi baby sale – HELLOOO discounts).

It’s true what they say, once you go cloth you don’t go back. I’d love to say I want to save the plant (it is a concern of mine) but really, they are so cute!! The prints!

This is just a quick myth busting, how to get started and the benefits. It’s not an in depth look at all, but there are plenty of places to look for cloth advice on the internet this is a ‘basics blog’.

Benefits for us:

FINANCES!! – I added up if we kept Noah in disposables for 2 years until potty training, and lets say we had 2 children a conservative estimate would be £1000!!!!! Whereas I have bought a set of cloth nappies, inserts, disposable wipes etc. all for approx £200 and once Noah is potty trained I will either pass to future babies or sell. WIN WIN I’d say. It’s worth mentioning if you live down south alot of councils will give you a grant to get started with cloth nappies – it’s worth checking, unfortunately we didn’t get a grant but I will be writing to our local council.

Sensitive skin – I was heartbroken when Noah started with abit of eczema on his tummy and back. I do have to say it has cleared up since using cloth nappies. I obviously don’t know if it is coincidence, perhaps he’s sensitive to the manufacturing of disposables?

Environmental – I listened to Madeline Shaw podcast on “Plastic free parenting” (seriously check it out) and she said 8 MILLION nappies go into landfill EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I was shocked! And each one takes approx 250 years to decompose. So the nappies we had on X amount of years ago haven’t even begin to decompose.

Myth busting:

Do I touch poo all day long cleaning poo off his nappies – No there is a liner in the nappy which catches any poo and I just shake that into the loo and flush 🙂

Is it a faf? – Not really, dirty nappy off, into the nappy washing bin, throw into the wash 2x per week, dry, restuff, pop into drawer, use again. So yes it is more work than putting a nappy in the trash but you get used to it.

Are you doing laundry all day every day? – No I only need to put 2x more washes on per week

Is your washing machine not just full of poo? – No all poo goes into the toilet like anyone

What you need to get started – well the quick answer – one cloth nappy is all you need to get started but if you wanted to do disposable free:

14x bambino mio nappies

Laundry bag (I keep in the bathroom to hold dirty cloths)

Washable wipes (we use way too many disposable wipes – easy peasy to throw in the wash with nappies)

Bag (to put dirty nappy in changing bag to bring home)

If you are seriously considering it i say DO IT you won’t regret it. There are ‘nappy libraries’ all over the UK where you borrow a kit for 6 weeks to see if it works for you, your baby and your family, which brands of nappy you like etc before you make that initial investment. I personally didn’t do that because I bought a couple of Bambino Mio from the Aldi baby sale, loved it and just bought more and asked some advice from my friend and cloth bum mums online.

I was abit afraid my husband wouldn’t be on board but he loves it! The only issue is not keep buying more and more cute prints when you have more than enough. (Send help).

I can imagine it’s harder to do cloth from day one (breastfeeding poo explosions I imagine are tricky to clean) but now he’s 7 months we don’t get that anymore.

Jump on the fluff bum mum bandwagon, save your money, save the planet, be a fashionista (apparently) whats not to love!!

Rebecca and Noah x

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