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How to protect your nervous system from Covid stress

Has someone turned the frequency dial up on the world by 50 notches? It can’t be just me feeling this.

I have been feeling super tense, stressed and confused but I don’t have any big stress in my life at the moment and I released it’s just coming from society. The fear is palpable, we are encouraged to report our own neighbours (so much for community spirit?!), friends are divided, people are arguing, the news is bombarding us with negativity.

I thought I’d give you my tips for how I try to calm my nervous system down from all the “noise”

1. Don’t look at the news, it’s always negative, it’s one sided and written to get hits and keep people coming back. If the guidance changes I’m sure I’ll hear about it.

2. Magnesium orally at night (malate is good quality) and magnesium bath salts 3x per week

3. Essential oil diffuser with essential oils – I love to use orange or stress buster during the day and then lavender in my bedroom as I’m winding down. I love Oshadi they have beautiful organic oils.

4. Journaling – if there is any confusion or upset etc. I tend to journal it out and get it all on a piece of paper and out of my head.

5. Deleting or spending less time on social media – this has been a big one for me, it felt again like just noise which I didn’t need, it wasn’t helping me stay calm. I also deleted whatsapp aswell from the numerous group chats and constant messages. I'm aware this can be a big thing for people, only do what feels right for you.

6. Getting stuck into things which bring joy – gardening, writing cards to friends, crafts, baking, cooking

7. Gratitude – take food to a friend, sending a thank you note just for the sake of it, writing down all the reasons you love a specific person, writing down 5 positive things from that day, this will train your brain to always look for the positive in life.

8. Tea ritual – if you have a partner instead of just watching tv once you have cooked and done the washing up have a cup of tea, make it together, sit down and chat about the day (a tip from Dr Chaterjee)

9. If TV is a trigger for you turn it off – read, do some yoga, sewing, colouring, whatever you enjoy

10. Declutter – this brings stress in itself, it’s hard to relax and have a calm nervous system with excess stuff all around. Look at Marie Condo or The Minimalist documentary on Netflix or their podcast.

11. Get outside!! Nature is healing - I've been loving finding new walks, new benches to sit on, new outside space.

12. Move you body - raises endorphins, helps us to destress, whatever works for you - running, yoga, dancing in your kitchen, walking the dog

It’s a weird time we are living through, we must take extra care to protect our own mental health right now. If you are a highly sensitive person as I am, we need to care for our nervous system right now. Fear brings our immune system down, that’s the last thing we need! Do what brings joy, helps you filter out the excess noise and brings you back to a calm place. Good luck :)

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