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The Day We Got Married

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

It happened, the day I NEVER EVER thought would happen happened.

He’s awesome, the day was amazing, everything looked beautiful – take that chronic illness.

Try telling the teenage version of me I would ever get married, that would be kind of a joke. I was written off by the medical establishment, even being in a wheelchair and told to ‘learn to live with it’ well learning to live with it would never have resulted in me getting married or even finding Joe. I’m so glad I looked into Nutrition and the root cause.

Anyway, loads of super kind people and clients have asked about the day so I thought I would do a blog post with some pics (because thats what people really want to see right).

I got ready with my 4 bridesmaids which was super cute and special, my 4 girls who have stood by me and never let me down. We drank champagne and had our hair and make up done.

We had a 3pm wedding at our church which was super special, it was full of family and friends and church family, all the children we teach at church each week came down all dressed up and we had our vicar do the service which was such a special touch because he is so dear to both of us. We then had a close friend do the talk, he was great, and we had friends sing with the band. We have alot of very talented friends. (I became a Christian 7 year ago – you will have to scroll back in blogs to find that story). The day before(!!) we decided Fudge probably shouldn’t walk me down the isle, I mean, what if she did decide to have toilet time half way down the isle, not a high chance but not a chance I want to take when she has anxiety problems, with 200 people in a church, a full band and an organ… yeah anything could have happened. So I put together a video montage which nobody knew about. It began the night before the wedding and Fudge going to bed, then she got up, ran into the shower, ran downstairs, got in the car, ran to the church and then it said “here comes mummy” not to blow my own trumpet but it was really really cute. They played that for the congregation before I walked down the isle, it went down well.

We had Prosecco and cake (gluten free) on the church lawn with photos in the sunshine.

Later on in the day we all (100 of us) went to the Barn at Scorton and had our venue there, it was perfect. It’s a barn conversion/extension which is done in a modern, old wood kind of way with huge chandeliers. The weather was amazing (we haven’t had another day like it since the sun shined all day). The venue is really relaxed which we wanted and everyone enjoyed it. We had a serve yourself kind of meal (with a side of avocado… no seriously we did).

Then comes the party, it was so much fun to have all our friends and family in one room drinking way too much gin from the gin bar. We had the big doors open to the outside space and gorgeous views.

We feel so blessed it’s crazy. When we spoke afterwards, neither of us were nervous, my bridesmaids and dad were so nervous before we walked down the isle but I was as cool as a cucumber it just felt so right.

We have since moved in together and set up home and that is really special aswell. To start our lives together properly with little Fudge is an adventure everyday.

And no, no babies for a long time, we plan to enjoy life and travel before we even THINK about that.

We are happy and healthy and that is such a blessing, I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

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