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Who’s with me?

Sugar free September? I am doing one month with no refined sugars and bringing you all along with me if you wish to join in. I did it last year and it was great! I felt better, I saved money from not buying little treats, and I learnt where all that pesky sneaky sugar is hidden.

Therefore, I am challenging everyone to join in for many reasons, sugar is the enemy in this 21st century of health:

Lowers our immune system

Interferes with our hormone production

Zaps our energy [1]

Feeds the bad bacterias in our gut

Sends our mood on a rollercoaster

Interfere with good blood sugar balance, so we end up craving more!

Obesity risk [1]

Increases our risk of type 2 diabetes [1]

Increased risk of hypertension [2]

Where is sugar hidden?


Soft drinks/fruit juices



Chocolate biscuits

Junk foods

Check your labels!


  1. Don’t buy ‘sugar free’ just get the normal versions, you see the remove the sugar but add in a chemical and synthetic sugar called aspartame which can travel to our brains and cannot be detoxed. It is 200x stronger than sucrose.  Sugar is less damaging than aspartame. Instead of buying these cordials, why not try fruit infused waters? Add some strawberries and blueberries to a jug? Lemon? Mint? Play around with it.

  2. Lean more towards foods which don’t have an ingredients list. Think of a box of Cheerios vs an apple… there are no ingredients in an apple, it is an apple, thats it! Its real food.

  3. Reach for nuts and seeds as an afternoon snack instead of that chocolate bar.

  4. Eat more vegetables with your evening meal, which will leave you less likely to get the munchies come 9 o’clock when you have a nibble on some cake.

  5. Swap your sugary soft drinks for infused water and herbal teas – green/peppermint

  6. Pukka’s organic peppermint and liquorice tea is great for when you have a sugar craving!!

  7. Add cinnamon to your morning porridge to help balance your blood sugar to help control your cravings.

Hook up with me on social media, so we can all share our stories and reach to each other for ideas and tips throughout the month:

Twitter, Facebook + Instagram – hellohealing

Can’t wait to hear how everyone will get on. Lets all save money, get healthier, loose weight and educate ourselves for not only ourselves but our families and kids. Keep checking back for tips, recipes and info,


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