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My Journey So Far…

This is my first blog, I have never done it before. I thought I would share what I am learning at the moment to help my condition and hope it helps people. There are lots of positive steps we can take towards health.

As it says in my ‘About Me’ I am 21 and have had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 8 years now. I gathered together some GCSE’s (somehow) and three A-levels – which I am very proud of. I decided when I was 18 Leeds Met. uni was the place for me and after three weeks I was back home with mummy and daddy in the biggest relapse so far, falling to a 1/10 on the scale – having to be fed and dressed.

This time I am fighting to get better for good, no more relapsing.

I’m working on my diet with nutritional help, changing the way I think about things, my lifestyle in general. This won’t beat me.

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