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Madeleine Shaw Afternoon Tea Book Launch

I was so excited to be able to go to Madeleine Shaws Afternoon Tea in Alderley Edge last week. Her books are by far my favourites in the health category. She makes it so easy and they are all so yummy.


At the afternoon tea the lovely staff at The Yard on the Edge (absolutely in love with that place) made us spinach bread, crudités and a butter bean dip with smoked paprika, then for puddings we enjoyed a lovely chocolate brownie with raspberry and pistachio and a ginger slab, they kept filling us up with mint tea and cucumber water. We were given a GLOW affirmation to put next to our beds as a little reminder to glow everyday.

It was such a lovely time and environment to meet with Madeleine, she is currently studying at CNM where I studied so we had a lovely chat about that.

So far I have recreated and can recommend her:

  1. Butter bean dip

  2. Spinach bread (I made two loaf tins and popped on in the freezer)

  3. Raspberry and pistachio brownies

  4. Moroccan spiced stew

Next up is the chicken and cashew satay and the lamb and spinach curry.

I am still addicted to her raw chocolate balls, healthy shepherds pie, lentil and tomato soup and so many other recipes from book number 1 – ‘Get The Glow’ and her website

I love Madeleines books because it is all gluten/sugar free and yummy!! There are some treats hidden in there (we are all human) and just normal food the whole family can enjoy.

Go out and grab a copy. Healthy food can be yummy, quick and easy, thank you Madeleine xx

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