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Lyme Disease Protocol

I thought it was about time I blogged about my suspected Lyme Disease and the new treatment protocol I am on.

Above is a photo of my mum, sister and I in Greece. The summer 1998 when I was bitten by a tick, while I was 8 years old. Since then my parents always said I wasn’t ‘normal’. I was unusually tired compaired to other children or to how I used to be, before the bite. If I had a sleepover I was ill for 2-3 days afterwards and needed alot of rest.

I had all the immediate symptoms of Lyme Disease – a ‘bullseye rash’ where I had been bitten on my arm and I had flu-like symptoms but not bad enough to take me to the doctors. I recovered OK. Looking back it’s abit silly because once bitten, two weeks on strong anti-biotics and the infection is gone forever. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Aged 13 is when my CFS/M.E began. I had a specialist in Bolton and he was very interested in Lyme Disease as well (as a pure coincidence) because both illnesses present with the exact same symptoms.

He never seemed bothered which I had because he claimed it didn’t matter and we just need to get me better anyway possible, so we thought nothing more of it.

Now in January 2012 I decided to drag it all up again, following my most recent relapse.

I began to research this Lyme Disease, and what I was reading wasn’t fun.

I found people on the internet who had been told they had CFS but all along it was Lyme etc. so I got scared. Maybe I have been mis-diagnosed too. But what scared me most was if Lyme isn’t treated and left to inhibit your body more and more, it can grow as severe as to be paralysed in a wheelchair (see the video below).

In addition to that since being 8 my health has been on a slow decline with more relapses. I was also showing more ‘Lyme’ symptoms recently –

  1. Worse cognitive abilities

  2. Blotchy rashes on my legs

  3. Sensitivity to light and noise

  4. Stiffness in joints

My parents attended a Lyme conference in Dublin and another in Carlisle. They learnt alot of useful information and found a clinic in Germany who do the tests. (We have read some NHS tests can give false negatives and we want to be 100% sure).

Those German tests came back ‘inconclusive‘.

Doctors will only give you a diagnosis on three points…

1) Symptoms checklist

2) Test results which show some kind of infection

3) You respond well to treatment and begin to feel better

OK. Well I’m on point 3 with the other two under my belt and feeling better on this treatment. But there is a long way to go, this is about week 6. You have to be having treatment for 18months+

At first I had a bad detox reaction. I had very bad fatigue and was permanently clammy and very hot for a couple of days. It was just the initial detox but I’m feeling better now.

I am on the ‘Cowden Protocol’ from NutraMedix.

A protocol based on herbal drops in 100ml of water. Theres different drops and supplements to have at different intervals during the day.

The idea is to kill the ‘borrelia’ – that is the bacteria in my blood causing this illness which is transmitted by the tick.

30 minutes before breakfast

30mins before Lunch

30mins before Tea


I received a whole folder on what to take.

You begin on 1 drop and slowly build it up. I am now on the max. dose 30 drops of some.

However, I am still on my Paleo/anti-candida diet it is still about getting the correct nutrition to heal/recover.

I am still researching and learning more on Lyme Disease so I don’t know how my future is looking.

I try to stay positive.

Again, this is about awareness. So if you or one of your friends/family are bitten by a tick please go to the doctor!!

I would post a picture of a tick but they really make me feel uncomfortable to look at so maybe google it.

YouTube – Under Our Skin – Please watch this short clip of an American film about Lyme. It is more prevalent there & can be more severe.

Becky xx

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