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Life has seasons – UPDATE

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Happy Friday folks, sorry for the absence, I’ve been kind of busy… I had a baby!!

Baby Noah is nearly 7 months now, life has been busy figuring out how on earth we care for a newborn, figuring out feeding, realising how little sleep you can actually function on, prioritising life as a family, laughing, cuddling, crying but mainly loving our little boy.

I never dared to dream this would be my life. We even found time to buy a house and move in during this time (whilst I constantly tell clients to pace themselves and not stress themselves too much, the irony isn’t lost on me – keep your eyes peeled for what I have learnt here).

Having a baby has definitely taught me what matters, the house isn’t perfect, my sleep isn’t perfect, heck my diet is far from perfect but life has seasons. Seasons to be on top form, seasons to take life slowly, seasons to just get through the day, but seasons come and go, that’s the point.

After the crazy newborn phase of literally having no concept of time or what day it is we are in a nice routine now. I’m feeling very blessed to have a job I love where I can work around my baby and not be too far away from him.

If you’re a new mum in that early phase let me say it gets better, they do sleep, you do get back to normality.

My advice –batch cook casseroles, chilli, stews for the freezer to make sure you eat well.

When you are exhausted it’s so important to eat well and look after yourself.

Get in a bubble bath, do your nails, read a book for 20 minutes. Sleep when baby sleeps, all the clichés. Ask for help, it takes a village to raise these little ones. But enjoy it, they grow fast, put your phone down, soak up the moments of them feeding, of them asleep on you, of the tiny baby toes.

I’m really enjoying the work I’m doing work with Mamas and Papas at the moment, I’m doing talks at their events to help pregnant mummy’s with their nutrition. I’m back helping my regular clients and doing lots of reading and research behind the scenes.

Life is good, feeling thankful. That’s my short update on life. Until next time.

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