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Let me be honest… I’m sorry

OK it happened. It was my fault…

Last night I had a full on social media breakdown! I was lying on my lounge floor with a million and one things in my head.

“I’m not good enough”

“They are doing better than me”

“She is prettier than me” the same blah blah blah stuff social media feeds to us every. single. day.

Argh. Who is bored of feeling like this? Say “I” *hears echoes of I*

Now, I would say I’m quite good at not comparing myself, I have been working on this for years and the stupid thing is I love my life! My friends and family are awesome, I have my dream job, I have a fantastic relationship and blessing are being poured onto my life, so why do we still fall into the trap!

Seriously, social media has been around for years now, you would of thought we would have learnt. We are we chasing ‘perfection’ it doesn’t exist! And hey thats just boring right?

What is it that causes a (fairly) intelligent woman to have a breakdown on the floor!

OK peeps, I am sorry, I feel I let the team down.

I don’t have my life together but who does! I think again, we need to remember we see one snapshot of a person life.

HECK we need to love ourselves not them! We sometimes idolise certain people on social media. Who I think is the bees knees may be of no interest to you and vice versa.

But, ever one to turn a negative into a positive, at least I realised and had a serious word with myself. As in “You are crazy, that person is not that shiny and perfect, get your head together!”

Lets count our blessings friends and lets ignore those little silly squares.

Have a beautiful day in the real world.

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