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It Beat Us.

Over the years I have spoken to alot of fellow sufferers. A large proportion of people – especially my age have told me of stories of relationship breakdowns due to their illness.

Naively I thought I was different.

I thought my relationship was different.

Being with my boyfriend for over 4 years, he’d stuck beside me even with this horrible illness. I thought he’s too amazing and what we have is too strong for M.E to break us up, it never worried me.

We moved in together in August 2011 and bought a gorgeous puppy. We’d never been happier. We had the future planned and knew that we wanted to be together for the rest of our lives, even with me not being 100% healthy.

January 2012 I had a very severe relapse. He was my angel and rock and could do no wrong. He bathed, dressed and cooked for me. He held the cup while I drank from the straw, too weak to pick up the cup, bed-bound. Which at the age of 22 was alot to deal with seeing me day in, day out.

But the M.E had other ideas. It’s as though the illness ‘infested’ us.

It slowly made us weaker and weaker.

Another 5 months on, we split and each moved back home with our parents.

However, we both agreed to fight for what we had.

Our love is strong enough to beat this!!

I was determined this wasn’t going to take the love of my life from me, it’s already stolen enough from my life.

Sadly, it turns out we weren’t.

Two weeks ago we went our separate ways…

He flew out of Manchester Airport to start a new job abroad exactly one year since we happily set up a home together.

27th August 2011 – 27th August 2012

We have both been on a journey, but I need to be strong and continue to fight this illness in the hope of building myself a life.

I blogged about this to show this illness is so much more than “oh she gets tired’ – it effects every part of your life and those around you.

As if my body didn’t have enough problems – I now have to fix a broken heart.

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