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Healthy Pets

If your anything like me, you love to treat your furry friends at Christmas time.

I am so delighted two wonderful nutritional therapist friends of mine, who I studied with, have had the vision to set up a company called – go and check it out if you care about your lovely animals and their health.

It’s basically a one stop shop for all our pets health needs.

The website is based on naturopathic principles, they sell nutraceuticals and herbal supplements when out favourite friends are feeling poorly. Get your animals food, organic (BPA free) toys, treats for your dogs or cats and so much more…

Some of you will know Fudges story, she had chronic gastroenteritis – Fudges Story and I healed her with good nutrition and supplements. Not only is nutrition relevant to humans it is so relevant to our little friends, they are the same, you can’t feed them rubbish cheap dog food and expect them to live long, have no ailments and a glossy coat.

This website is awesome for food supplements, my favourites:

  1. Pet Plus

  2. Herbalistic (green powder with chlorella, alfalfa, powdered cleavers etc.)

  3. Coconut butter

  4. Essential fats

  5. Natures plus mixers (to add into raw food)

  6. Dorset Easy Greens

  7. The towering doggie coat (for after those winter walkies)

  8. Dental gels + toothbrushes

  9. Shampoos with no SLE or propylene

I will be getting some of little Fudges Christmas gifts from these lovely ladies this Christmas instead of a dodgy chew stick. My two favourite Cockapoos Fudge and Poppy deserve good health like the rest of us.

*Check out their newsletters*

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