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WOOHOO we are officially one year old today. It has been a whole 12 months since Hello Healing opened their doors. Who would of though we would be here…

Firstly, I want to say a BIG thank every single person who has supported us this last year. The support has been amazing and great things have happened, but it would be nothing without the people who continue to trust and join us on this journey.

So whats been the best and worst part of the journey so far?

Peak: I could be really cliche and say all the people I have met (and this is so true, I have made some great friends in this last 12 months) but the most exciting part I think has to be being on the cover of “What Doctors Don’t Tell You” – see previous blog post. I have realised how blessed I am to have the story I have, going through it at the time certainly didn’t feel like a blessing, but I can understand my clients, I can help them and offer advice in a really practical way and when they see improvements because little old me has helped, well thats amazing!

Pit: The not so fun part was having Getty Images after me for a while (we don’t need to go into that but lesson learnt, don’t use images from Google even when it is your personal blog)

What I wish I could of told myself 12 months ago:

1. Don’t sweat the small stuff (like when your website crashes for a week)

2. Don’t spend so much on marketing – stick to social media!

3. Have confidence in yourself

4. Put your own health first

5. You learn from your mistakes (everytime)

Such amazing things have happened this year, I have been the guest speaker at an AGM event, I have spoken in high schools, I have been featured on the cover of magazines, I was Lancashire Life’s columnist for 6 months, I have had an office built into my home, I have met wonderful clients who I have helped with their health concerns, wedding fairs, toddler groups, online publications… theres too much to list!

Over 12 months I can’t guess how many people I have reached through my blog or social media or magazine articles,  but I have met with and helped over 100 people to reach their goals in 2015/2016 alone.

Here’s to YEAR TWO…

We are so looking forward to our one day retreat with my good friend Trisha (with a view to moving into weekend retreats)

Cooking workshops for all you lovely people

Watch out for me at the Northern Vegan Festival

Look out for me in Thrive magazine Autumn issue

I have just launched my newsletter (sign up on the right hand side of this page).

Moving more into the online world so I can help people all over the UK.

I will still of course be meeting with clients one a 1-1 basis to really focus on their individual health needs.

Once again, a huge thank you folks, who would of thought little old me would have a one year old business! The girl with no prospects, in a wheelchair, house bound, having to rely on her mum to bath and feed her. Was told I probably would never work or be anything… I beg to differ!



Life is awesome. I love it. Thank you. Thank you.

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