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Over on my Instagram page I asked my lovely followers to comment on some questions they had re: CFS or any general questions they always wanted to answers too. Hopefully, I have answered all their burning questions…

What was the best nutritional approach you tried to aid your recovery?

It is very personal to the individual but generally a paleo/stone age diet is the best diet – plenty of good quality meats, tons of vegetables (8 per day), good fats, few carbs, 2 litres of water and cutting out all the processed rubbish, food with zero nutritional quantity to it.

Supplements also play a huge role in the recovery of CFS because depending on what is driving your symptoms:

  1. Mitochondrial dysfunction

  2. Adrenal fatigue

  3. Thyroid problems

  4. Digestive issues – candida/SIBO/leaky gut

  5. Low immune health

You will need a tailored protocol to address that specific problem.

Personally, I had very very poor mitochondrial function (the mitochondria are the ‘energy power house’ to the cells) no wonder I was bed bound, adrenally fatigue, hypothyroid, a lot of digestive problem and lyme disease so I was on a heavy supplement protocol to boost my system. I also adopted a paleo diet, gluten free, filtered water (we had a filter tap installed in our kitchen), no toxins in my food or skin care and lots of herbal tea. I ate real food. I cut the rubbish out and slowly slowly my symptoms disappeared and my test results got better and better.

Is Paleo the best sort of diet to follow if you have CFS/Lyme?

As mentioned above – Yes.

Paleo/Stone age diet is the best ‘diet’ to follow for a CFS sufferer or anyone for that matter. It cuts out all rubbish processed foods and these are replaced by good quality foods which are nutritionally dense to heal and aid recovery.

We need nutrients to feed our cells! How can we expect our bodies to work down to a cellular level when we are feeding them ‘white food’ with no essential nutrients in them?

Can Nutritional Therapy do anything for CFS?

Yes (obviously I will say that).

Nutritional Therapy finds the root cause to:

“Why is this happening to you? There has to be a reason”

“Why is your body so weak?”

“Whats driving these symptoms?”

Lets get to the bottom of the problem.

Nutritional Therapy does this through taking a thorough past history, an in depth look at all your bodily systems and paints a picture to the therapist as to what those drivers and triggers are.

We then aim to put them right with diet and lifestyle changes, some possible supplements and testing if needed.

However, Nutritional Therapy is not a quick fix. It takes time but I would rather start today and be proactively working on myself to better myself than be in the same position 6 months down the line…

Nutritional Therapy does work. I am the living proof as are so many out there.

Which natural sugars are OK?

Natural sugars are OK, from fruit mainly. However, even when we have natural sugars it can throw our blood sugar balance out, and cause a certain amounts of stress in the body so I also advise my clients to have an apple with a few nuts to balance out the sugar with a protein source.

I wouldn’t advice having these ‘natural sugars cakes’ etc. which are very popular at the moment. Simply because you are cooking with dates and prunes and agave syrup instead of processed sugar doesn’t make it healthy. Better? Yes. But not healthy to have that amount of sugar in whatever form.

If your going on holiday what supplements would you recommend to take before travelling on a plane?

Before I travel I plan a month in advance and take chlorella tablets from Pukka.

Also before you fly, make sure you eat alot of antioxidants to help protect your body from the huge amount of stress it is put under on a flight (especially long-haul).

I took two long haul flights this year and for the first time adopted this approach (with other things I like to try) and I had less fatigue and generally felt less sluggish even after a night flight.

So dose up on colourful veggies, pepper, carrots, goji berries, wheatgrass (if you are that way inclined), garlic, turmeric, green tea, berries.

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