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Pregnancy Update – 34 Weeks

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Hello friends, so I know I said I would document this whole thing and I haven’t… so I thought I would do a quick pregnancy update now I am 34 weeks and 6 weeks away from our due date, before 3 becomes 4.

As I have mentioned in an earlier post the first trimester wasn’t brilliant especially mental health wise, but the second trimester I was so lucky it was great. I just lived a normal life really but with a growing tummy. It’s only been in the last month I have really slowed down – when we take Fudge for a walk Joe is always shocked at how slow I now walk – give me a break mate I’m growing a baby over here!

The fatigue has well and truly set in, the dog thinks I have a ball stuffed up my top, the insomnia has kicked in and the back pain has set in but I can’t complain it’s all going well, we have a healthy baby growing in there.

I had begun to go very dizzy but the midwives didn’t seem concerned. However my blood pressure when I did it was very low and when my full blood count came back I was borderline anaemic. I am not a fan of iron tablets so I bought some Spatone and I am taking 2 sachets per day in orange juice. I may not be able to get my iron levels up to where I would like them for birth but I can stop them from going lower. It’s also all about the spinach, red meat and chia seeds everyday.

I think it was also evident I was doing too much, I would go dizzy and faint when I would push my body too much and try to continue as normal, when really I was heavily pregnant, that couldn’t be sustained so I am doing lots and lots of resting now and feeling better for it.

I wish I could post cute photos of the nursery but unfortunately that is the babies dumping ground (pram, cot, mattress, bath, clothes, nappies, playmate, teddies) because we are also in the process of buying a house. Yes I know who does that… well apparently us. It was too good of an opportunity to miss (we are taking bets on which house we have our home birth in). Now usually I would think this is crazy and feel so stressed not knowing where my baby will be born but I think the hypnobirthing has been helping me feel much calmer, the relaxation must be working. But I have big plans for the nursery in the new place. For now it (sorry for the ‘it’ we don’t know the gender) has it’s moses basket set up in our room and it’s little clothes and essentials all ready for it’s arrival.

But the nesting has set in, I just clean anything, literally… it’s crazy. I have taken to watching cleaning videos and following cleaning profiles on Instagram… don’t ask.

Names have been chosen for both boy and girl… ish. But no nobody knows except for the two of us and no we won’t be telling anyone.

And finally my sister and her husband had their baby boy two and a half weeks ago so we are now an auntie and uncle! So we are getting the practice in now whilst we can. It’s also hilarious, Fudge cannot work the baby out at all, when he hiccups she is so confused.

Jobs for the next few weeks: finish buying a house, finish work, bulk make tons of food for the freezer, enjoy our last weeks as a 3, rest, read as many library books as possible before I don’t have time, enjoy this time carrying a baby inside me.

We can’t wait for baby to come now, once I hit that 37 week mark it’s all about getting labour kick started but as we well know, baby knows best and it knows when the time is right. Can’t wait to meet you little one and see who’s been doing all that kicking around, although your cockapoo sister will be abit gutted to find out it wasn’t a ball under mummies top all along.

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