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The Book of Ruth

I have been a Christian for a little under a year so I am still working through many questions and finding my feet. At the moment I hear alot of, “We have to trust in God & trust he knows what he’s doing with his ‘plan'” So OK I’ll try that – easier said than done!

Last week one of the congregational leaders came to visit me & we chatted for a while.

I had to ask “How do we know when to trust God?”

“Has God made me ill to teach me something or is it just life?”

He suggested I read a small book in the Bible called ‘Ruth’ in the Old Testament, only 4 chapters long, so I did.

Ruth was a young woman who married, but her husband suddenly died. She felt the Lord had ‘brought misfortune upon her’ and it seemed ‘the Lord’s hand has turned against me’. We all start to look for answers. But trusting in God she married again some years later and as you read on through the bible you find she was an ancestor to Jesus just a few generations on.

So you see it was all God’s plan, if her husband hadn’t died and she hadn’t remarried who knows if Jesus would of even walked this Earth.

This all helped put things right in my head. Nobody knows why things happen, and yes it is easier said than done but if we trust we are part of the Lord’s plan then all will be right in the end.

I find alot of comfort in the Bible at the moment.

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