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Welcome to our tiny space of the internet. We hope you find this page to be helpful. Here at Hello Healing we are passionate about health and wellbeing, after suffering for 12+ years with severe Chronic Fatigue and Lyme Disease we believe recovery is possible.
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Rebecca x

Fully qualified Nutritional Therapist
BANT and CNHC accredited


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I'd be that typical male you hear or read about. A health scare that should have changed my lifestyle but didn't. I looked in the mirror one day at the person I'd become and contacted Rebecca. After our initial meet we agreed on a diet aided by some high quality supplements. This was 3 months ago and saying the difference has been night and day would be doing a disservice. I have more energy, less bloated and my body fat has noticeable reduced. 
Rebecca has been extremely supportive throughout the process and I can't thank her enough for her help and advice.